Monday, October 14, 2013

Exciting Times Ahead

Well its been a few years since I have written a post on here. I have been redesigning the whole look and still not 100% with it. But will keep it like it is now until I have some better ideas. Since I have written my last post so much has happened. I won't be able to cover it all but just a little of it.  I have started studying  Graphic Design to help me in designing websites but have only been able to about 6 months of it due to having to help my  oldest son Joshua with homeschooling. This didn't really work out so we sent him back to high school this year but I am currently not 100% in my heath. I have finally found out after 10 years of searching and struggling with what I thought was severe IBS that I asked for a gene test to be done for celiac disease which has never showed up through just having a blood test for it. It turns out I have one of the genes. I have now had the Endoscopy to see if I have any damage and confirm celiac disease. I had to continue to eat gluten whilst waiting for my appointment which has taken months. In the mean time I have been becoming more and more tired and drained and my brain isn't functioning very well. I have had very little motivation and have been feeling depressed. After having the Endoscopy on the 10th of October I have been trying very hard to stop eating Gluten in a hope that this is all I will have to do to improve my health. I am starting to think that I am starting to feel like I am improving. So here's hoping and praying that I am on the path to healing.

So apart from all that one of the most recent things that we have decided to do is start our own sewing business which of cause be called Jamarah Creations. We are looking at being supported by a program called NEIS which stands for New-Enterprise-Incentive-Scheme. The government will help support us to get our business up and running. As I have started making items I will post pictures to show what I am doing and will be opening up a shop on Etsy. I believe this will help us to be able to support ourselves and be able to stay and home and care for the kids.