Tuesday, January 21, 2014

DIY Own Labels

A few years ago I made my own clothing labels and found some tutorials for it but that was before Pinterest  was around and you couldn't save certain sites. So now I am searching for the same tutorials. There are a lot where you buy the sheets to print off in your printer such as this here:

and this one from here
But the one I am looking for is where you use Freezer paper and your printer which works out a cheaper option. So after googling DIY Labels using freezer paper I finally found what I was looking for.
Here is the first one I have found:

and I think this is the one I found originally here:

So my project today is to do my own clothing labels. Will take some photos and maybe do my own tutorial just for fun. You can never have too many tutorials on the web. Aside from doing your labels this way another great idea I had see was to use Spoonflower which is a site where you can design, print and sell your own custom fabric. It is a great site and very affordable for custom fabric printing. 

On Shelley made blog I found great tutorial for labels using Spoonflower:
and there are heaps more at Pinterest

So why not give it a try and do it yourself and save some money. It is lots of fun.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Our New Business Underway.

Well over the past few months I have been busy sewing so that we can start selling at the markets and to start our Facebook page. Finally last week we set up the Facebook page and we went to our first market on Saturday and Sunday.

Here are a few of the different weighted toys and blankets I have been making. As I make more I will start to post more. Please come by and check out our new facebook page and like us. Its we are slowly getting there.