Sunday, April 20, 2014

My new project - the Silhouette Portrait cutting machine.

After lots of research and working out exactly what I wanted and needed in a machine that could cut out both paper and fabric. I wanted one that I could connect through my computer and I could do up most of my own designs without have to use cartridges. This one was a great price at the moment down from $269 to $239 at
Silhouette Portrait from

I have used it once to print out some tags for some Mothers day gifts that we are making to sell at the next Morayfield Handmade Expo on the 4th of May.

I have now been researching different places to find tutorials on how to use it.

There is the tutorial that comes with the machine which is ok to cover the very basics.

I still have a few questions about looking after the cutting mat such as I am I supposed to put the piece of paper back on afterwards as the mat has a slightly adhesive surface which I guess is to hold down the paper/fabric that you are cutting out. I am wondering what happens when it stops being sticky.

Here are a few other basic tutorials that I haven't looked at in depth but will go back later and have look but maybe useful for others who are starting out like me. 
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I have also started my own Pinterest Silhouette Portrait Tutorials page which I will add more tutorials as I find them. I show you what I have been making in future posts. Stay tuned.