Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fashion Worlds Next Big Thing

 I think it is great that people are going back to the way our grandparents lived where everything was reused and precious. I had a great Aunt that use to make hats out of bread bags. She use to save the old envelopes to write recipies or just any notes she wanted to keep. Her and her sister (who was about 3 years younger) were amazing. They had come through the war years and things were scarce. They really appreicated everything they had. They would be disgusted at how much we waste these days. So it is very exciting to see a fashion designer who is changing the way people view fashion. I have been so inspired by all these blogs about reusing things that we already have in our cupboards that we may not be using and re fashioning them into something that we can wear. I now have a new found love of op shopping. I always did but it is even more so now. Even finding all those vintage patterns. Looking at the styles at the moment, it is very late 60's early 70's. Very classic. I love this style. It has such an elgance about it. Something that you can look back on in years to come and think how wonderful it still looks. Little can be said about the fashion from the 80's when I grew up.

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