Thursday, September 9, 2010

Excursion To The Beach

Well today was a big day. Samuel's Prep class had a trip to the beach because they have been learning about it at school.
Samuel waiting to catch the bus to go to the beach.
The kids were so excited to see a cargo ship.
Samuel looking at the Cone Shell - which we learned are poisonous. This was a small one.

Here's a middle size one.
And here's a really big one.
Here's what the rock pools look like when we first arrived.
We were told to take a visual picture of how high the water was when we first arrived.

Samuel enjoying his morning tea.
I wonder if this Magpie has a nest. September is Magpie season where they swoop when you walk near their tree.
Then it was time to learn about the different creatures we would see in the rock pools.
This was letting you know that if you take things away from the rock pools  then its like you are a pirate and it isn't good for the environment. Teaching the children to leave the things at the beach.
As the day went on the tide went out. We had to wait till it went right out before we could go down and explore there.
About to do an activities where we had to go down to the beach and  and match the words to things we found on the tide line where the shells and other things wash up.
Tina the guide explaining the children what they need to do and the rules.
Our card and what we had to find. Samuel and his buddy had a great time looking for these things.
I was told this was a oyster shell. It was really soft and squishy.
Sea sponge
Greg the guide pointing out the Panadanus Tree.
Then it was time to sort out the natural things from the man made.
The tide continuing to go out.  
Samuel getting ready to wash his hands after the activity.

Then it was time to feed hungry little bellies.

Then it was time for another activity using the binoculars. Greg explaining how to use them. 
Samuel excited about using the binoculars.
What a professional.
Not sure what these guys were doing. I think it was a photo shoot for something.
Now it was time to go back down the beach for another activity.

Greg explaining about the different shells that we had to find.
The shells we found.
Then it was time to do another activity with a magnifying glass.
Then back to the grass area again.
Pair of  Sea Osprey's gliding in the sky.
Tina turn to take the group down to the rock pools.
Rock pools in low tide.
Had to be careful to only walk on the dry area.

Our rock pool finds:
Sea Hare
Hermit Crabs
Cone Shells
Sea Cucumbers
The bus to take us home.
Samuel looking tired after a long day at the beach.
 I was exhausted by the end of the day.

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