Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Tuesday

Welcome To Happy Tuesday Blog Hop

 This blog hop will run from Monday  the 13th to Thursday the 16th. This is the 2nd time I have done this and will continue to do one every  Tuesday and will post an inspirational story or poem to help inspire you to have a great day and wonderful week. I will choose someone from the previous Blog Hop to Feature as Blog Hopper of the week. For me to do this you must place this button onto your page. Good luck. 
Here is a poem I read that I thought was very good and I hope you enjoy it too.

 It All Comes Back To Jesus

When you can't remember: 
the six secrets to an overcoming life,   
the eight things to do when you are worried,  
the nine ways of love,

Or the twenty-two characteristics of a good wife or husband, 
It is time to get back to Jesus alone ...

When you’re told: 
hear the Word, read the Word, mark the Word, 
memorize the Word, 
study the Word, and meditate on the Word, 
and you are stuck in the middle of Leviticus

and Jeremiah isn’t making any sense either, 
It is time to get back to Jesus alone ...
When you hear: 
it is pre-trib, mid-trib, post-trib, a-trib, or pan-trib, 
don't take the "mark," 
and it is "time, times and half a time," 
and you can't even get through the next hour, 
It is time to get back to Jesus alone ...

When you hear testimonies of others: 
raising th
e dead, praying all night, fasting forty days, 
leading thousands to the Lord, and memorizing the entire Bible,  
and you hear it through someone who hasn't done any of it, 
It is time to get back to Jesus alone ...

When it's:  
home school, Christian school, public school,  
the school of hard knocks, or no school,  
and the discussion is heating up, 
It is time to get back to Jesus alone ...

When you get those emails that make you feel warm and fuzzy,

And then you are told if you don’t send them on to eight other people

You don’t really love the Lord,

So the warm and fuzzy feeling turns to condemnation because you just don’t have time because you actually have a life

It is time to get back to Jesus alone...

When you are asked, "How's it going at your church?"

And, you know it means, "Ask me how it's going at mine”,

which you are going to hear anyway,  
and you know you are about to be told of:  
a huge explosion of numbers, miracles, tongues,  
radio broadcasts, and seminars, making you feel like a failure, 
It is time to get back to Jesus alone ...

When a well-meaning friend gives you yet another prophecy

from yet another unknown person from the world-wide-web,

who is absolutely certain that Jesus is coming this year,

or no later than midway through next year,

And so for this reason we need to clean up our lives,

It is time to get back to Jesus alone...

When you have gone to your fifth conference this year 
that claimed "this is it,
and you tried "it," and "it" didn't work, 
and the guy left town with your $200, 
and you can't get a hold of him to ask '~ 
why "it" didn't work, 
It is time to get back to Jesus alone ...

When you are told don’t buy this product because the company worships Satan,

Or, don’t drink coffee, eat pork, drink wine, or watch TV,

And you don’t know now whether you are a Christian, a Jew or a Mormon,

It is time to get back to Jesus alone...

When you are confused about whether it’s supposed to be

Mega-church, cell-church, home church or no church

And whether it’s the Message Bible, KJV, NKJV, NIV, NASB, or the Spirit-filled Bible,

It is time to get back to Jesus alone...

When you are told that the problem is a generational curse, a spiritual stronghold,

A Jezebel spirit, or a Freemason in the family somewhere,

And you were sure that you are now a new creation,

It is time to get back to Jesus alone...

When you’ve just heard another "thus saith the Lord,"  
that contradicted the last "word from the Lord,"  
that was contrary to the previous "the Lord told me,"  
and you finally get the picture that  
the Lord is being dragged into things He never said, 
It is time to get back to Jesus alone ...

When you can't figure out whether you’re:  
hanging on, pressing in, “getting there”, or breaking through
It is time to get back to Jesus alone...

It is time to separate His commands from Christian demands. 
It is time to sit at His feet again and hear Him speak the Word. 
It is time to simplify. 
It is time for one step at a time. 
It is time to smell the coffee, to consider some lilies and birds,

It is time for the secret place with Jesus alone.

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  12. I'm a follower...and I love the poem you shared!!!

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