Sunday, September 5, 2010

Learning Photography

I am trying to get learn how to learn how take better photos. Not easy to do when all we have is a Nokia Phone. But considering that it is a mobile phone, I think it takes pretty good photos. From what I  have read if you know basic photography rules then it shouldn't really matter what type of camera you have. So I have been trying to put some of those rules into play and trying to be aware of the lighting, out side seems to be the best, of course.
There are some really cool things around the yard to take photos of. This is one of about pavers

The kids were really excited to find these rocks around the yard. I can't believe who ever lived here before us didn't take them with them.

We think that this is Rose Quartz
Not sure what this is.

Trying to be arty with pegs.

I was so happy when we moved in here that there was lots of trees. I think it just adds such a calming effect and I find the kids tend to play in the yard a lot more now. 
There is a wonderful hibiscus bush.
My dad would love to take this stage horn home.
We just found this Fig tree in the yard. James is going to plant it in the ground.

Would you believe that this is a Passion Fruit Tree gone wild. It has gone through out the different trees in the yard.

This orange tree is over the fence but that doesn't stop the kids from picking them.

Matthew is in heaven climbing in the Guava tree. We call him our monkey. He was climbing 6 ft fences when he was 18 months old. 
There was this vegie patch with a tomatoe plant. We were so happy. Now we have to start planting some vegies due to being Spring. The kids are really keen due to doing gardening at school.
Love this fern.
The parrots love this tree. Jessica gets so excited seeing them in there.
Last but not least this is my favourite tree - Bowen Mango. I love Mangoes. Can't wait till Christmas time when we should get heaps this year. 
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  1. Great photos considering they are taken on a mobile phone.  Like you I too am just getting to grips with photography.  For some reason I seem to be brain dead when it comes to a camera <doh>

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  2. RE -RecycledFrockery.comSeptember 6, 2010 at 12:30 AM

    Hey There Jamarah, lovely blog. your son is quite the climber.  your yard is wonderful. oh how I envy you with all those fruit trees and lovely flowers.  I've followed and I found you from Mingle Mondays and Monday Meet Up Blog Hops. Both.  hope to see your face around my place. cheers !

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  4. If you hadn't told me they were mobile phone pics, I'm not sure I would have known! I'm your newest follower! thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. Xenia @ Thanks, Mail CarrierSeptember 6, 2010 at 7:00 AM

    I sure wouldn't have known those pictures were taken with a phone, they look pretty darn good to me. And wow, you have a lot of really cool things in your yard! Those rocks are amazing!

  6. Sara Povich/8aplentySeptember 6, 2010 at 7:01 AM

    Thank you for following my blog, I am following you back.  I loved meeting you and your family on "about me."  I have a soft spot for big families :)   Looking forward to reading more.

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  7. Great post. I too am a cell phone photographer, lol. I am your newest follower from the meet me monday blog hop. Look forward to reading your posts.

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  13. Hello, we're your newest followers here with the blog hops! I took a photography class in High school and I remember my teacher always telling me to do the pictures the way you were taking yours. Too bad my camera is one of those dumb ones that never takes pictures when you need it to. Your came out really good though. 

    Feel free to drop by our blog anytime, we would love to have you! :)

  14. Following you back. Thanks for stopping over! Your pictures are great with your phone! Wow!! And parrots in the trees? That's amazing!


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  16. Photography is the BEST. You can actually get some pretty Amazing Shots with a simple Point and shoot camera. the picture quality from your cell wont be as great but  Im a Photographer and well I use Point and Shoot when im on the go with my Son But we have the bigger camera and lens for Bigger events and of course work! The more you shoot the better your work will get!  and Yes out doors is the best!
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