Friday, September 17, 2010

Orts - What the?

I was reading through a magazine the other day and found an article about Orts. I had never hear of this. It turns out that Orts are the left over threads. Evidently sewers keep these and then use them for lots of different kinds of projects. They all seem to have a special jar just for this purpose.

I found this great ORT Jar Tutorial.  So you say now I have all these threads and my jar is full what do I do with them. Here are some great ideas I found:

PurpleTag Style Book and Ort Box for Maggie

Great article explaining about ort box/scissor fobs.

    I have now found my jar and started to fill it. James will be happy that all the bits won't be all over the floor. I will probably also had bits of left over fabric as well.
    My Orts Jar
     Today you can find me here:



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    2. Oh wow I love the ort decor balls. thanks for the tutorial. They look cute just sitting in the jar!

    3. And to think I've been throwing these out! I love the clear ornament stuffed with 'orts.'
      Actually, I know that word. I shows up a lot in crossword puzzles. It does refer to leftovers, but the puzzles usually mean leftovers from food. I think it sounds like something out of Lord of the Rings, LOL!


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