Monday, October 11, 2010

$20 Challenge

These days $20 doesn't seem to go very far. But if you look carefully and choose the right store its amazing what you can find for you and your family. That's where K-Mart comes in. They are challenging bloggers to go through their latest catologue and find items for $20 for the family. Well I am going to take them up on this challenge. I am a bargain shopper (you have to be with 5 kids) and love K-Mart for this reason.
I started thinking well Christmas is coming up and our budget will be tight this year as we have moved and are now paying more rent, so I thought if I had just $20 on something fun such as toys and lollies and an outfit or a piece of clothing for each of the kids in the family what would I buy.

Joshua who is 12 years old:

Something for fun -  
Lollies are always a hit.
Josh would love this because he can be really creative and would think it is pretty cool.

 A clothing (swimsuit - because we now live at the beach):
I may have to go a $1 or $2 over the $20 because Joshua is now into the bigger sizes but still pretty close to the $20 mark.
 Nicola who is 10 years old:
 Something for fun -  
Nicola loves craft and would love either of these 3 things.
Of course because Joshua got lollies Nicola would get some as well.

 Clothing (swimsuit - because we now live at the beach):
This is a great bargain. Nicola would love these.

Matthew who is 8 years old and Samuel who is 5 and half years old, who are similar in size and have the same taste:
Something for fun -  
They would have so much fun on these skateboards - I would get the Ben 10 one for Matthew and the Cars one for Samuel.

  Clothing (swimsuit - because we now live at the beach):
Great value.

Jessica who is 3 years:  
Something for fun -  
I would get Jessica the Dora the Explore  because she love Dora.

 Clothing (swimsuit - because we now live at the beach):
These are so cute and the price is great as well.
So all up it would cost us about $170 to give each of the kids their presents for Christmas, which is pretty good value for 5 kids, and we didn't break the bank.

I put it to you-  could you take the $20 challenge for your kids at K-Mart? Why not check them out and see how much you can save. 


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