Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fabric Inspirations

I love fabric. I didn't realise how much until recently. Since I have gotten into this whole blogging thing and have been learning about designer lines I have found some really wonderful fabrics. Tlhe only problem is having the money to buy them. I have been given strict instructions that I am NOT to buy any thing else until I have used what I have laying around here and sold some of my creations. I can still look and dream and plan for once this happens. So  I thought I would share some of the wonderful things I would love to purchase.

I want to share this great Australian Fabric designer,  



If I could have these fabrics in my collection I would be one happy girl.

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  1. Love those fabrics... I wish I could sew more real complete outfits. I can repair tears adn small stuff nothing big like a top or skirt.
    Happy Saturday Hop!

  2. Stopping by and returning the follow - what great inspirations on your site! I have so much scrap fabric that I need to use...... this is a start!

  3. New follower. Looking forward to hearing more from you!

  4. Those are really lovely!It's so nice to meet you...

  5. Thanks for the visit. I'm a new follower. I lived in Australia for a few years and many women sew and knit there. I think that's why they are very creative with their fabric. Another place where I found an abundance of beautiful fabric is South Africa. It was very inexpensive and so colorful and creative. I bought my kids so many hand-made clothes. I miss the place.


  6. Hi. Thank you for stopping by. I remember my dad telling my mom the same thing about her fabric. She didn't listen. :)

  7. Great blog! My mom is a self-proclaimed fabricaholic...I'm resisting, in case it's genetic.

    Thanks for swinging by my blog. I'm excited to follow your adventures now.
    The Survival Mama

  8. These fabrics really are stunning, and I sure hope you get some creations sold, so that you can soon get what you dream of.

    Thank you for participating in last week’s Follow Us Monday Morning! I hope you will stop by and participate in this week’s Follow Us Monday Morning @ Frugality Is Free.

  9. Hi! This is off topic but I wanted to let you know that you'll be in the Honor Society on my blog tomorrow. Hope you can drop by:


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