Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Starting Out

Well first post. Thought I better add something. Not feeling 100% but really want to start making this a wonderful place for those to come and explore. I am so motivated after reading other sewing blogs. The first thing I really need is a new sewing machine and over-locker due to selling mine last year in a moment of madness. I was really involved in a breastfeeding support group and was thinking that I might go to Uni next year do become a nurse. I thought that I wouldn't have time over the coming years to be able to sew and so decided that I would sell them to someone else who could use them. Well after having to have a break this year due to my 5 year old son Samuel breaking his femur and ending up in hospital for on and off for 3 months. We also have been having trouble finding somewhere to live and we still don't know where that will be at this stage but this has forced me to re-evaluate what I want to do. After seeing all the wonderful pages for WAHM's this has helped me to want to start sewing. Who would have thought. Well that means I have to buy a new sewing machine and over-locker. I also need to buy a good camera as we don't have one of those either.

Samuel's Time in Hospital with me beside his bed all that time. This happened in March, 2010.

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