Monday, July 5, 2010

Op Shopping Finds

Well this is my 2nd blog. So much to learn and work out how to set it up. I have been inspired to start going to Op shops and finding resources there. On Friday I went and had a look. The very first time I have done this, after looking at all these sites about re-purposing different things and it was like I was seeing the world from whole different perspective. I found some really wonderful things and I think I will be making lots of trips in the future to these little treasure troves.

I think these pillows would make perfect pillow case dresses.
01012008947-1.jpg 01012008949-1.jpg
01012008946-2-1-2.jpg 01012008955-1.jpg

01012008958-1.jpg 01012008959-1.jpg
01012008960-1.jpg 01012008962-1.jpg

I love this pattern on the doona cover. I can't wait to see what creations I can come up with.

I looked up Mary Smith when I got home and found out Mary Smith is Enid Gilchirst's sister-in-law.
01012008977-1.jpg 01012008978-1.jpg
Was really happy to find these vintage patterns for $0.20 each.
01012008968-1.jpg picture by sez77

I love these craft magazines cause the come with inserts that have different shapes and pictures you can trace around that you could use for appliqué.

I was really excited to find this book because it teaches you how to draft your own patterns. I have started to look into drafting patterns which I learned how to do when I went to TAFE when I was 18. I started and nearly finished a Cert III in Clothing Manufacture. I just wish I had taken advantage of the opportunity when I had it. It just goes to show you need to take advantage of every situation you are in cause you never know whether you can use it in the future.
01012008984.jpg picture by sez77 01012008985-1-1.jpg

All up this and a few other things cost me only about $15. I was pretty happy with that.

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  1. I just love what you can find at op shops. One off pieces that no one else will have. Please post what you decide to make with your finds. I am planning to hit the vintage stores this week actually and I too will post what I find so be sure to visit my blog

    peace, love and fashion




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