Saturday, July 31, 2010

Look At Where I Live Now

Well after a full on first 6 months of 2010, it is amazing to sit back and contemplate where what has happened and we are now. If you had of told this time last year we would now be living at the Sunshine Coast I wouldn't have believed you.

I was planning on going to Uni in Caboolture and Joshua was in his last year at Primary school where had been from Preschool. We had tried to change schools when he was in year 2 but had a pretty traumatic time in getting him to go. In the end we had to change back to Minimbah which he had been going to in the previous years. It then took a lot of work to actually get him to settle back in. But in the past few years he hadn't been getting into much trouble and was looking at going to High School with all his friends at Morayfield High.

We have talked lots about moving back to the Coast, as we had lived at Maroochydore and had moved to Morayfield when I was pregnant with Nicola, 10 years ago. We thought we would have to wait till Joshua had finished High School to be able to move back to the Coast. But God had other plans for us. I feel like he had closed all the doors for us down there. Whether you beleive in God or not it is really hard to dispute that something had a hand in us moving to the Coast. We had applied for over 15 different places to live. Had tried other types of accomodation to live in and nothing was available. In the time whilst we were applieing for these places, I feel Joshua was slowly coming to terms with the fact that we would be moving away from the area. I had also been heavly involved in helping run a Breastfeeding Support Group. I didn't think I could leave Morayfield whilst I was involved in doing this. But this year I have slowly had to step away due to family committments.

So its funny how it has all worked out. We were really blessed to actually get this place. When the real estate checked out references when we were applying for this they said that they couldn't understand why we were having such a hard time getting a place. Once again all the doors were closing in Morayfield. I believe we are meant to be here to help James's parents, who live about a 1km away from us. I am so happy that the kids will get to spend more time with their Grandparents. I think it is such an important thing for a child to have in their lives.
It is great to have a choice of beaches to choose from. I use to say to the kids which park do you want to go to. Now I can say which beach shall we choose to go to and it doesn't cost anything other then the petrol. I think they will actually start to calm down with the sea air.

These are all the beaches we can choose from to go to. Only takes a few minutes to get to any one of them.
Bulcock Beach, Caloundra
Currimundi Beach, Caloundra
Dicky Beach, Caloundra
Kings Beach, Caloundra
Golden Beach, Caloundra
Kawana Beach, Kawana
Moffat Beach, Caloundra
Shelly Beach, Caloundra
Wurtulla Beach, Caloundra
How lucky are we!!

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