Thursday, July 15, 2010

Organising My Sewing Room

I am inspired to have mine looking like this.

Well next week we will be moving into our new house. It is going to be huge and I will finally get to have my own room dedicated my sewing. A place I can lock up so the kids can't get into all the stuff which is what has happened in the past. It is very exciting. So I have been searching for ideas on how I should organise it.
I found the following sites that were really great to help me:
which gives you lots of different ideas on how to organise your home. They had even done an article "Sew Organized: Books to organize sewing and crafts."
Susan Wright, Extension Clothing and Textiles Specialist has written  a great article about what you need to consider when you are setting up or just re organising  your sewing room.

Lots of great tips and a list of things that you will need when you are planning what you are going to do.

Great blog which has some photos that give you an idea of what you can achieve and is inspiring to see what she has done.

Another great blog and post about how to get organised with photos and some free labels you can print out to name all the your containers.

This is a great way to help get you motivated to get Organised and get your sewing room cleaned up. Lots of great ideas and motivation.

Here some great Flickr groups about sewing organistaion with great photos:
Craft Rooms

Great info about how to organise your patterns.

Well now that I have found all this info I just need to put it into place. Will post pictures as I do it.

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