Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Buying A New Digital Camera

We really need to get a new digital camera because the only thing we have to take photos at the moment is our phone. It does an ok job but after looking at all the different blogs I really want something that takes a quality photo. Usually when we have gone out and bought a camera we go to Good Guys. We then have to take advice from the Sale person who maybe or maynot be being honest with us. So knowing that we are about to get some tax money back I have decided to do some research as to what to buy.

The first thing I did, as I always do, I Googled it. The first site I came across was from the Digtial Photography School. It gives you a variety of information with tips about how to take a great photo; post production and of course what I was looking, info about digital cameras. I found really good series of articles written by Darren Rowse - Tutorials on Buying Digital Cameras where he covers the following topics:
He also wrote another article Best Digital Camera's which gives a review about what the top selling camera's on Amazon. 

The next site I came across was There was was a really good guide How To Buy A Digital Camera.  They also covered:
Another question I wanted answered was "What makes a good quality Photo?". This is the question I want answered about the Digital Camera and the different brands that are on the market. The next site I found that was excellant and really gave me a good background information about how photos actually work was Digital Cameras - A beginner's guide by Bob Atkins. 
So after all this I still hadn't felt like I had answered what I really wanted to know, which is sometimes hard to put into words or in a question for google. Eventually I came up with the question I really wanted to see was the pictures actually look like taken from the various camera's meantioned in articles. In other word I want to see a test shot is from a whatever camera. So then what I did was go to which is a great site for comparing different items which are on sale in Australia from the leading Department Stores. So I looked up Digital Camera's. Then I was able to see the different prices and brands of Cameras. We were looking at spending around $200 to $300. 
So I Googled the following Camera brands and models test shots and was shown what the actually picturers looked like taken by these camera's. So this gives me a better idea as to what I want to buy. 


Panasonic DMC-FH1 Digital Camera $229.00 Betta Electrical

And there are plenty more. I don't have time now to continue to go through them as I want to publish this before I go to bed. But you get the picture (lol). I will share what I buy  and let you know what it is like and the picture quality. Good luck if you are about to buy one.

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  1. This is a really helpful post. I'm going to come back and read it again because I am also trying to make the right camera purchase. Thanks for making the process easier!


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