Saturday, July 10, 2010

What Brand Sewing Machine Do I Buy?

I have been searching the net for reviews on sewing machines. It can be so confusing. There are so many machines out there with so many different features that it can become so hard to know where to spend your money. That is why it is best to find an independent reviewer that can give you unbiased advice.
So I then decided that I would Google "What is the best brand of quilting sewing machine to buy". The first few results aren't alway helpful. I found a really good site Quilt where I found this article "Choose the perfect sewing machine for your needs". It helps you to start thinking about what you really want and need in a machine. It also contained a link to a great reviews site - Sewing Machine Reviewers.

I also decided that I would Google sewing forums to get some different points of view. I was particular looking for sewers here in Australia so that I could relate to what they were saying the best due to being Australian. It wasn't easy to find one that was Australian but I finally did after a few different searches. Craft Lovers was a great forum for information and had a lot of different points of view and things to think about. I also found the Vogue Forum a great source of information. Another site I found that was good at making comparisons was Review Centre. It was easy to understand and follow.

Well have been working on this blog since last night and have just gotten back to it. I have been Googling some more and found a really good site for reviewing sewing machines. Pattern Review gives really good reviews with both positive and negative reports, which helps to give you a better overall idea on what to buy.

I had been thinking that I would look at Brother NX 400 or the model above.But after reading the reviews on Pattern Review have decided that I might go with a Janome, which is the last model I owned. From what I read it is good to stay with a company that only deals in sewing machines. They do it will. With Brother they have so many different products that you can't say the same thing for them. Janome keeps coming up as a very reliable brand.

In my search I have also come across some really good sewing sites.
Otto and Penny's Sewing Machine Centre
Top Listed Sewing Sites
I hope this information helps you out there. It is such a minefield of information to get through to find exactly what you want to know. I will do an update as soon as I have bought my new machine.

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