Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Great Craft Tutorial

Here a few different projects I have come across in my travels through the Internet world of craft. I thought I should blog them so I don't loose them which has happened a few times.
Peg Bag
Glycerin Soap
Bath Bombs 
Bath Oils and Salts
Woven Ribbon Bag
Recycled Denim And Flannel Quilt
Recycled Jeans Rug
Fabric Beach Balls
drum roll please...Molly Monkey
'For Pleats Sake' Tote
Long Stemmed Fabric Flowers
How to Make a Zipper Flower
Drawstring Dorm Laundry Bag
Fresh Linens: Fig Tree Threads' Amelia & Me Sun Hat
Art Journal Pinwheel Play Mat: Guest Tutorial by Bari J. Ackerman
Retro Fun: Quilted Mitt Pot Holders
Sweet Softies: Cuddly Cat

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  1. Love your crafty blog, now following you.


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