Sunday, August 29, 2010

Very Slack

I have been very slack lately and not posted anything for a week or so. I know they say you should try and do it every day but one day seems to be rolling into another at the moment and before you know it a week has gone by. I think also I have had the flu and really bad sinus so you loose interest and have little energy to worry about things like blogging. Plus dealing with 5 children and a husband is pretty full on at the best of times.

We are slowly settling in to our new home. I when I get a chance have been going down to my sewing room and working on different projects. There seems to be so many things I want to try and it can be a bit overwhelming to work out what I want to do first. My hubby is also saying since I have been spending all this money on bits and pieces I really need to try and sell some it. So I think I probably need to sit down and write out some sort of plan and then try and stick with it. We will see how that goes.

Some of my purchases from Ebay 
 Have been taking Jessica to the beach  
And to the park whilst the other kids are at school
We had the best fish and chips.

Some of finds from the op shop.
My $2 bag from the Op shop
Jessica's new $2 shoes 
Now I feel like I have done something, so I won't feel to guilty for a while.

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